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What is ISO 22000 Certification and FSMS Requirements?

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ISO 22000 Certification

What is ISO 22000 Certification?

ISO 22000 is a Food Safety Management System Standard (FSMS) – Where the organization involve in Food Supply Chain Business (For Example -the Food Supply Chain Business may be – Farming, Processing, Storage, Manufacturing, Distribution, Retailing, warehousing etc.) adopt the FSMS for Implementation for enhancement for Food Safety and Customer Satisfaction. The Implemented ISO 22000 standard is   audited by ISO Certification body against the FSMS Audit Criteria and found to be complying the requirement, the organization is awarded for ISO 22000 Certificate, which know as ISO 22000 Certification.

What are the requirements for ISO 22000-FSMS Requirements?

ISO 22000:2018 is a Food Safety Management System Standard (FSMS) – This FSMS standard has requirements for ISO22000 which has been systematically described in the FSMS Standard from Clause 4 to Clause -10 – with objective to enhance the Food Safety management system in the organization by meeting the applicable legal requirement – when the organization adopt to implement the ISO 22000:2018 Standard in the organization. The Key requirements of ISO 22000 which are most common requirements for Food Safety Management is given below – where Food Experts believe that if the organization implement the Food Safety requirements in systematic way as given in standard, there is high possibility to improve the Food Safety and enhance the customer satisfaction. See the Key requirements of ISO 22000 to look into on priority for implementation

As per Food Safety Expert View, before going in the requirements of Standard, the organization should at least understand the Food Safety principles, the basic Food Safety Principles are,

  • Communication
  • Prerequisite programmes
  • Hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) principles
  • Customer Focus
  • Engagement of People

When the organization adopt these Food safety principles along with requirements of ISO 22000 in the organization, that will help to better improvement of Food Safety management in the organization.

Now let’s understand the requirements of ISO 22000:2018

Internal and External Issues

Understanding the context can be aided by considering external and internal issues such as ( but not limited to) legal, technological, competitive, market, cultural, social, and economic environments, cybersecurity and food fraud, food defense and intentional contamination, and the organization’s knowledge and performance, whether international, national, regional, or local.

Food Safety Policy

Develop a Food Safety Policy and Communicating the food safety policy

Supplier Approval and Selection

The organization develop and implement criteria for the evaluation, selection, performance monitoring, and re-evaluation of Supplier of processes, products, and/or services. Also ensure that supplier’s processes, products, or services do not jeopardize the organization’s ability to meet the FSMS requirements on a consistent basis

Prerequisite programmes

The Establish, implement, maintain the Prerequisite Programme (PRP ) and update to prevention and/or reduction of contaminants (including food safety hazards) in products, product processing, and the workplace

Traceability System

The organization should develop the Traceability system to Identify incoming material from suppliers and the first stage of the end product’s distribution route.

Emergency Situation and Its Preparedness

The organization should identify the potential Emergency situation and develop the its preparedness procedures also ensure that procedures are in place to respond to potential emergency situations or incidents that could impact food safety and are relevant to the organization’s role in the food chain. reduce the severity of the emergency situation in proportion to the magnitude of the emergency or incident and the potential impact on food safety.

Hazard Analysis

The food safety team conduct the hazard analysis and collect, maintain, and update preliminary documented information. applicable legal, regulatory, and customer requirements, the products, processes, and equipment and food safety hazards relevant to the FSMS.

Process Flow Diagram

Develop the Flow Diagram which includes from Raw Material receipt, Internal Process to till Final products and update flow diagrams as documented information for the FSMS-covered products or product categories and processes.

HACCP PLAN, Hazard Analysis, Control of CCP & OPRP

ISO 22000

Based on the preliminary information, conduct a hazard analysis to identify the hazards that must be controlled. The level of control must ensure food safety, and where necessary, a combination of control measures must be used. Based on the hazard assessment, the organization must choose an appropriate control measure or combination of controls capable of preventing or reducing the identified significant food safety hazards to defined acceptable levels. confirm that the chosen control measures are capable of achieving the desired control of the significant food safety hazard. Also maintain a hazard management plan the hazard control plan must be documented and must include the following information for each control measure at each CCP or OPRP. Critical limits at CCPs and OPRP action criteria must be specified. The critical limits at CCPs must be quantifiable. Critical limit compliance ensures that the acceptable level is not exceeded.

Control of Measuring & Monitoring Equipment

The organization must demonstrate that the specified monitoring and measuring methods and equipment are adequate for monitoring and measuring activities related to the PRP(s) and the hazard control plan.

Handling of Unsafe Products

Prevent potentially unsafe products from entering the food chain

Withdrawal/Recall System

Ensure the timely withdrawal/recall of lots of end products identified as potentially unsafe,

Closing Thought

As per Food Safety Expert View the above Explanation about ISO 22000 Certification and Requirements of ISO 22000 will help the organization to boost the entire Food Safety Management System of the organization and getting ISO 22000 Certification.

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