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ISO 45001-Occupational Health and Safety Certification

ISO 45001 Certification

ISO 45001-Occupational Health and Safety Certification

Occupational Health and Safety Management -ISO 45001 – is an OH&S standard -which was published by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in year 2018, this ISO 45001:2018 Standard has replaced the OHSAS 18001:2007. Now the Organizations have upgraded the current OHSAS 18001:2007 implemented Occupational health and Safety Management System with ISO 45001:2018.

ISO 45001 -Occupational Health and Safety Management System Standard has the many requirements – which has been said in standard from Clause # 1 to Clause #10. But in this Blog, we will focus on specific key requirement related to Occupational Health & Safety, including the related terminology, which could help the user for better understanding about Occupational Health and Safety management ISO 45001 requirements.

How to do the OHS Hazard Identification and OHS Risk Analysis

As per Occupational Health and Safety Experts view, the OHS Hazard Identification, OHS Risk Assessment, Implementation of Control to mitigate the OHS Risk along with the maintaining the OHS Legal requirements compliances are the key focus of effective OHS performance. So, that in this blog we will try to explain these requirements, which could help to user for better understanding on OHS Hazard Identification, OHS Risk Analysis and other related aspects of Occupational Health Safety.

Let’s understand the Few Terminologies, which are related to Occupational Health and Safety Management System.


The hazard is the source in the organization which is potential to Harm to human -injury, mental harm, accident, build stress on human -mental illness, effect on physical health condition, uneasy feeling, uncomfortable conditions etc or there may any kind of source which has potential to cause injury and ill health to human


The physical injury, damage to property, damage to environment, damage to health of human, mental pressure, uncomfortable conditions etc are considered to Harm in context of OHS


The effect of uncertainty in other word we can understand the Combination of probability of occurrence of harm and the severity of that harm. The OHS Risk is expressed in terms of a combination of the consequences of an event and the associated likelihood that is the probability of occurrence of an event at point of time in certain circumstances which may cause harm and the severity of Harm. For Example – Fatal – is High Severity – when any minor accident near to miss has very low severity, injury can be considered as moderate severity. So, the OHS Risk could be analyzing in broader way considering the case-to-case basis or conditions or situations etc.

Occupational Health and Safety Risk Assessment (OH&S Risk Assessment)

The OH & S Risk assessment, is systematic way of evaluating the Risk – The organization can set their own logical Risk Assessment System – Where they can set the criteria of

  • Risk Type
  • Risk Classification
  • Risk Assessment Methodology

As per OH & S Experts view while OH & S Risk Assessment   the following points to be considered, which can result the most accurate Risk Level, the points are

  • Occurrence of Events
  • Probability of Occurrence
  • Severity

These three points to be considered at least for OH & S Risk assessment, which provide us the more reliable results of OHS Risk level.

The above explanation is all about the Occupational health Safety Risk Assessment methodology – this explanation could help the organization to have better understanding with doing the Risk Assessment as part of Occupational Health & Safety management System implementation to get ISO 45001 Certification.

Hazard Identification

We know that OH & S Risk Assessment will be carried out on Identified OHS Hazards in the organization. Now let’s understand Hazard Identification is a process of recognizing that a hazard exists and defining its characteristics.

The OH&S Hazard can be Identified in the organization from

routine and non-routine activities

human behavior, capabilities and other human factors

hazards created in the vicinity of the workplace

apart from these organization can consider the many other part or factors or requirement – for OHS Hazard identification, which potential to Human injury and Ill Health.


ISO 45001-Occupational Health and Safety Certification

So, any organization looking for how to get ISO 45001 Certification, as per OHS Experts view – the organization need to do the proper implementation of Occupational Health Safety Management System in the organization and once they have completed the implementation. Contact to any accredited ISO Certification body to get ISO Certified or ISO 45001 Certification.

For more information about How to apply for ISO 45001 Certification, ISO 45001 Certification process or how to get ISO 45001 Certification, kindly watch the educational video, provided below – will help you to have better understanding on ISO 45001 Certification process

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