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Pre-Shipment Inspection PSI – Tailored Quality Control Solution

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Pre-shipment Inspection


Nowadays, the demand for high-quality consumer products has increased in developed countries. This growth is conditional which makes importers seek dependable suppliers in developing countries. The competition has intensified in recent years as prominent developed and developing countries are joining the global supply chain. To meet the standards, the importers need to find and adopt the most effective measures to assure the quality parameters of quality and standards. Without any doubt, quality control becomes crucial and most importers take the most proven measures. Due to this, the involvement of agencies for Pre-Shipment Inspection becomes the need of the hour.

What is Meant by Pre-shipment Inspection?

To smoothen the supply of essential goods, the manufacturers, suppliers, agencies, and buyers demand a special inspection process that involves the specialist in Pre-Shipment Inspection Agency in India. The provider of this specialist inspection process is mostly responsible for inspecting the whole process of manufacturing an endless number of products. Without a doubt, it is a specialized procedure that determines the supply of the best quality of products that meet the standards as well as safety parameters of all types, especially quality, quantity, and special specifications that customers look for. The certified agencies conduct a total inspection before the products are shipped to the buyers.


How Does Pre-Shipment Inspection Help the Business Entities?

Meeting the expectations of the importers and exporters has been a premium responsibility of the experts that offer reliable services for Pre-Shipment Inspection. The agency helps businesses in the following manner:

  • Avoids last-minute hassles
  • Avoids reworks and last-minute delays. Often these reworks are very expensive.
  • Assists in minimizing or restricting fines
  • Maintains brand image by guaranteeing the supply of quality products
  • Avoid misrouting the deliverable products 

What Are the Steps Followed in Pre-Shipment Inspection Procedures?

The specialist providers of the Pre-Shipment Inspection Service follow the complete set of steps that end up in the production and shipment of quality products. The following are the eight steps involved in the process of Pre-Shipment Inspection:

The steps of the Pre-Shipment Inspection process are usually as follows:

  1. The importers initiate the process by opening an import license.
  2. They intimate the inspection service in the country of import of a due shipment. They either pay for the inspection right in the beginning or pay a percentage value that is based on the value of the invoice. Things largely depend on the conditions laid in the document adopted by the importers’ country.
  3. Responding to this initiation, the authorities issue the official inspection order to the inspection company in the country that exports the goods.
  4. The officials at the inspection company approach the office of the exporters. They initiate the process by asking for arranging the schedule for inspection. It looks for the arrangement of all the relevant documents and invoices related to the deals.
  5. The experts conduct the inspection following the methods.
  6. If the inspectors find no issues during the inspection, then the authorities receive all final documents from the desk of the importer and exporter. The inspecting agency issues a “Clean Report of Findings” only after the inspectors examine and confirm the shipment’s value.
  7. After the inspection is complete and a report is issued, the certified goods are shipped to the importers in their respective countries.
  8. The importers at the receiving destinations get the final PSI report to get the imported goods released from customs.

Summing Up:

Fulfillment of the whole procedure is very important as far as the completion of the Pre-Shipment Inspection procedure is concerned. The inspectors take care of everything so that the importers get the best value for their money.

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