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Pre-Shipment Inspection Services Provider.

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Pre-shipment Inspection Service Provider

Pre-shipment Inspection, in general terms, refers to the inspection of the production when at least 80% of the order has been packed for shipping. This inspection is conducted in order to ensure that the production is in compliance with the specifications or requirements of the buyer or purchase order or letter of credit.

It is a very important step in quality control and assessment, as this will ensure that all the goods meet the requirements or terms before they are shipped.

During this process, samples of the products are selected on a random basis and analyzed to ensure that they are in terms of the standards and procedures. Pre-shipment Inspection is either done in accordance with the standard Acceptable Quality Limits (AQL) or in accordance with the requirements of the buyers.

Pre-shipment Inspection is done in order to reduce the costs associated with the disappointment of products or goods delivered. The inspection services will let the buyers understand the quality and quantity of the goods before they are delivered.

In case there are any defects, they can be fixed before the delivery. This inspection also reduces the potential situation of delivery delays as well. It can also reduce miscommunication and disappointment between the manufacturer and buyer which can further lead to sour relationships.

Pre-shipment inspections will also help avoid import risks which will exceedingly be costly. The inspection will also help to avoid the returning of goods due to low quality and will also help to keep or improve your brand’s image.

Pre-Shipment Inspection Services Provider

In an efficient Pre-shipment Inspection Agency in India, an inspection service provider will first visit the production house or the site of the factory. They will then select a product sample at random and ensure that the product quality meets your requirements or that of the one who opted for a pre-shipment inspection.

If the inspectors suspect that there may be dangerous chemicals present, or those which are restricted, then they will request off-site lab testing of the products.

The inspectors will make sure that the products pass through the criteria of product functionality, effectiveness, dimensions, and overall physical outlook.

Once everything is conducted and inspected thoroughly, a report is assembled with either a pass/fail result. This is accompanied by an overview of some important findings as well as a detailed journal of the whole inspection. In some cases, pre-shipment inspection results can include pictures of the inspection points so that it will provide an idea of what exactly were the findings.

It should be noted that a pre-shipment inspection provider should adhere to the following principles while conducting inspections:

1) There should be no discrimination.

2) Transparency

3) Classified business data should be protected.

4) No Delays

5) Price Verification

6) Establishment of the appeals procedure

When you opt for a pre-shipment inspection service, you enjoy the assurance that all your quality requirements will be met without any shortcomings. The global market has enjoyed enormous growth and as much as it has brought opportunities, the risks have also increased drastically. Therefore, when dealing with any suppliers overseas, pre-shipment inspection will be a great way of mitigating any risks that will result in extreme financial losses, disappointment, sour relationships, miscommunication, and ruined brand image.

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