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The Role of ISO 9001 Certification for Managing the Quality of a Company

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ISO 9001 Certification

The Role of ISO 9001 Certification for Managing the Quality of a Company

 ISO 9001 Standard is a Quality Management System, that provides the requirements for managing the overall Quality of the organization which means all the functions, processes, and activities of the organization should be managed to deliver quality. This ISO 9001 standard employs the Process Approach, Plan-DO-Check-Action (Cycle), and Risk-Based Thinning concepts. Where process approach provides the organization with the planning of its processes & Interactions- Because when any organization performed those activities to meet the requirements of Customers each activity of the organization is interrelated – where Output of One Process becomes the Inputs of subsequent process, similarly it moves on till the end product is finally produced and becomes ready for customer delivery.

ISO 9001 Certification

So, when the Quality of the First process is satisfactory meeting the customer requirements, it goes on till the end of the process in a similar manner, which results in end products meeting the Customer requirement. So, with this concept, we understand that The Role of ISO 9001 Certification for Managing the Quality of a Company is very much valid and important for a company. we understand the Process approach, Now P-D-C-A Cycle provides the requirements for the organization to ensure that its processes are adequately resourced and managed and that opportunities for improvement are determined and acted on.

Risk-Based Thinning- This concept and requirement of ISO 9001 provided the opportunity to determine the factors affecting the process that could deviate from the planned output. So, when the organization implements ISO 9001 Standard in the organization by adopting the Process Approach, Plan-Do-Check-Action (Cycle) & Risk-Based Thinning Concept, then the Role of ISO 9001 Certification for Managing the Quality of a Company will improve consistently.


Managing the Quality of the Company

Managing the Quality of the Company is not limited to final product Quality only, that is results of Final Inspection & Testing of the Product or Third-Party Inspection or Pre-shipment Inspection of the Products. We have understood in a broader way that a Company has several processes and the outcome of the process is the Product, that is the product is end result of various Process collective results. When planning the Managing the Quality of a Company, we have to consider the entire process and activities of the company or business organization, the general business process of any product manufacturing company is – Top Management, Marketing, Purchase, Receipt of Raw material, Production, Inspection & Testing, Storage, Packing, Dispatch to customer.

It is a very basic and general process of any manufacturing company. Similarly, the service Industry also has some general processes – Such as – Top Management, Business Development, Delivery of Services, etc.

So, when looking for overall Managing the Quality of the Company, the organization has to think over all the Quality Management systems of the organization i.e ISO 9001 implementation in the organization and further achieve the ISO 9001 Certification to a company. Because the requirement of ISO 9001 Standard provides the opportunity for Managing the overall Quality of a company.

How to Manage the Quality of a Company with ISO 9001 Certification?

The Quality of the Company is not standalone the Quality of the Final Product, when thinking of the Quality of a Company, then we have thought overall Quality of the Company- which includes all the activities of the company from Top Management to till delivery of products and services to the customer.    The Concept of a Quality Management System (ISO 9001) is to effective management of processes, activities, and functions of the organization. An ISO 9001 Certification play important role in managing the overall Quality management of the Company.  The key objective of ISO 9001 is to enhancement of Customer Satisfaction by consistently supplying products /services which meet customer requirements along with any applicable regulatory & other requirements.

By taking the few Examples, clarify the Role of ISO Certification in Managing the Quality of a Company


Consider there is Sheetmetal Auto Parts Manufacturing Company – when thinking about the Quality of the Company, the followings should be taken into consideration

Consider the Key Processes/activities of the Organization – Top Management, Customer Support & Business Development, Purchase, Production, QA, Packing, and Dispatch

Top Management of the Company should be customer Focused, Support the organization by providing necessary resources to meet the customer requirements, motivate the employee for continual improvement of the organization overall all QMS, etc.  The Involvement of Top Management in the day-to-day activities will demonstrate the Quality of a Company

Customer Support and Business Development – The customer support and Business Development Team – understand the customer requirement and Expectations – Record then and communicate the customer requirements to the concerned department, also ensure that the products are manufactured as per the customer requirements. also, the delivery schedule of the products is performed per customer requirements. Once the product is dispatched ensure that quality Checks, qty, packing, marking, etc are made as per customer requirement, Same should be communicated to the client, and also ensure the material is delivered as per customer requirements (i.e Time, Place, qty, etc). In case any issues are found in the product at the client site, immediately respond to the client and provide the necessary support to resolve them as required.

Purchase Department – should have SOP of Supplier Selection and Raw Material. so that when Raw materials are purchased from an approved supplier, it should ensure that purchased products meet the customer Specification requirements. The Quantity required to manufacture the products are sufficient and Timely delivery from the Supplier, Timely supplier Evaluation is performed to ensure the consistency of the Quality of Raw material.

Production Department – Products departments have proper resources planning – such as Machinery, Equipment workers, work environment, SOP of production of different process, Day today Product planning scheduled, ensure that machinery maintenance, tool & dies function, etc Also ensure that child parts are manufactured at different process are as per customer requirements and products qty manufactured as per customer delivery schedule, etc.

QA Department – Shuls has the QAP and Drawing of each product, Measure & monitoring equipment are available and function properly, Manufacture parts are inspected as per the Inspection plan, and records of Inspection are maintained. Pre-Dispatch of products are inspected properly and a record of final inspection is maintained to ensure that Final products are meeting customer requirements

The above-explained example of an organization for different processes demonstrates the Quality of a Company. This is all about the ISO 9001 requirement.  so, when the organization planning for ISO 9001 Certification after implementation, this ISO 9001 Certification plays an important role to manage the Quality of the company.

For ISO 9001 Certification, the organization may contact to ISO Certification Body (OSS Certification) and get the Quote for ISO 9001 Certification.  OSS Certification (ISO Certification Body), ensures its client value addition to the organization through ISO 9001 Certification audit and also ensures that the Overall Quality culture of the organization is enhanced over a period of the certification cycle.

How to manage the quality of the Products of a company?

When we are thinking about the Quality of the products, there are several ways such as

Inspection, Third-Party Inspection, and Pre-shipment Inspection. These are 3 different types of inspections professionally performed by the organization or professional Third-Party Inspection agency to ensure the Quality of the products.

types of inspection

Inspection–  when the Product inspection and Testing have Performed the organization with the Team organization’s engineer, This Inspection of the products can be performed at Different stages of Inspection – Such as when the product is supplied by the supplier – and the product is inspected as Company is known as Raw Material Inspection. When the product is inspected during the procession of the product is known as In-process Inspection and when the Product is inspected before dispatch to the client is known as Final Inspection.

Third-Party Inspection- When the inspection of the products is performed by any professional Agency Known as Third-Party Inspection Agency is known as Third-Party Inspection of the Product.

Pre-shipment Inspection – When the Inspection of shipment is performed by a professional organization called Third-Party Inspection Agency is Known as Pre-shipment Inspection. The Pre-shipment Inspection is required – when buyer wants to ensure, the Qty, Quality, packing, and Marking of the products are made by its supplier prior to shipment of the products.

Now with the above explanation, it is clarified that ISO 9001 Certification pay an Important Role to manage overall quality of the Company, and the Certification Body (OSS Certification) provides the ISO 9001 Certification to the Company. Also, the Quality of products are ensured through a different type of Product Inspection activities.

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