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What is ISO 45001 Certification?

ISO 45001 Certification

ISO 45001 basically refers to those international standards for occupational health and safety management system (OH&S) to ensure that the employees and visitors are protected from any work-related health complications.

Its ultimate goal is to develop a healthy environment in the workplace to provide safe experience to both the employees as well as the visitors. To achieve this, it is very important to control all aspects that can mitigate work-related illness, injury or in extreme and irreversible cases, death. And all these aspects are covered by ISO 45001.

ISO 45001 takes in to consideration the ILO’s standards for safety and convenience of the labourers as well.

ISO 45001 ensures that an organization implements other aspects of health and safety such as employee wellbeing/wellness through its OH&S system. But it should also be taken into account that an organization may need to implement these factors due to legal requirements.

Who is ISO 45001 certification meant for?

The answer to that is all. It is meant for all organizations so long as you have people working for you, whether they be 4 or 4000. As long as your employees may be affected by the activities of your organization, then having a solid framework that will bring forth health and safety benefits can be detrimental for your growth.

What are the benefits of ISO 45001 certification?

By gaining an ISO 45001 certification, the benefits for your organization/business will be bountiful. First of all, it will enhance the image of your organization. Why? Because by gaining an ISO 45001 certification, you are presenting your company to be one that keeps their employees wellbeing and safety as a priority. Hence, you will also be able to attract more clients.

ISO 45001 provides a systematic framework for health and safety of the workers. As such, the productivity of your organization will increase due to the safe working environment. By doing so, you will reduce the scenario of a worker injuring himself and filing for a claim.

Moreover, your company can also gain a favourable competitive advantage. Some countries and companies, in particular the European companies, are more favourable to those organizations which adopt the ISO standards. So, by getting certified, your company is getting a boost in the markets.

To conclude, the ISO 45001 certification can certainly be very helpful in establishing your company in the international market and gaining more market benefits.

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