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What is Pre-shipment Inspection?

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What is Pre-shipment Inspection?

A Pre-shipment Inspection is basically a systematic inspection of random units undertaken by trade operators (buyers, suppliers, agencies) when the production is at least 80% completed.

This step is taken to ensure that any corrections that need to be taken before the products are finally shipped are taken. This inspection is Pre-shipment Inspection Agency in India according to the Acceptability Quality Limits (AQL) standards or the requirements of the customers.

Important steps of the Pre-shipment Inspection.

The important steps of the Pre-shipment Inspection are as follows:

1) Visiting for Inspection

2) Sign compliance documents before the Pre-shipment Inspection is carried out

3) Quantity Verification

4) Conduct random Inspection

5) Conformity Checking

6) Workmanship checking

7) Function and safety testing

8) Carton drop and barcode testing

9) Sealing of carton.

What is the purpose of Pre-shipment Inspection?

The purpose of the Pre-shipment Inspection is:

1) To ensure that the products conform to the requirements/ specifications of the buyer.

2) To check for any defects

3) To check for the quality and quantity of the products.

What are the benefits of Pre-shipment Inspection?

The benefits of Pre-shipment Inspection are highlighted below:

1) Pre-shipment helps mitigate the possibility of receiving poor quality products that do not fill the buyer’s requirements.

2) It is easier for the exporters to correct any situation of defect.

3) It provides assurance that the buyers are not paying for defective goods and enjoy the peace of mind of receiving what they wish.

4) Helps to avoid returns which in turn protects the brand’s face.

5) On completion of the pre-shipment inspection, the exporters receive a pre-shipment certificate which can be used to show as one of the quality checking measures taken.

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