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What is Third-Party Inspection And Its Advantages For Buyers?

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As we know that the term Inspection, which we may use in our day-to-day business practices. Where term Inspection is the verification of products, processes, functions, etc so on – which reference sample, specifications, drawings, technical datasheet, etc. In our day – to day life also, when we go to purchase any items from the market, we verify the product to ensure that the products are meeting our requirements in terms of Quality, Quantity, etc so on.

In this Blog, we will cover the points -such as – What is Third Party Inspection, what is Third-Party Inspection agency Process of Inspection, how to select the Third-Party Inspection Agency for the Inspection of a Product, and What are the advantages to Buyers of Choosing Third -Party Inspection. So that any Buyer or supplier -who is Looking for a Third-Party Inspection agency for the Inspection of Their Products can have a better understanding to select the Inspection Agency.

Now in the current competitive fast-growing market, inspection is most widely used across the business sectors to ensure that the products of the end user could not get rejected. So, to ensure the consistency of product quality the Inspection of the product is most widely adopted by across the business sector to maintain the consistency of quality of products, reduce the cost of rejections and meet the market challenges.

There are many types of Inspections performed by Industry across the business – Raw Material Inspection, In-process Inspection, Final Inspection, Functional Inspection of the products, Aesthetic Inspection, Environment Performance Inspection, Endurance Testing & Inspection, Weight & Volume inspection, Packaging Inspection, Marking Inspection, etc so on – there are several other types of Inspections performed by the manufactures or inspected /witnessed by Customer, depends on the type of contractual agreement between supplier and customer. There is no limit to types of inspection it all depends on Customer requirements.

In the current economic market condition – the market is very competitive and has higher demanding customers in terms of   Quality and cost of products. Now the continually the cost reduction of the product is a big challenge for the industry because they have fixed Infrastructure, raw material, and resources cost  – so not the manufacturer or Buyers are looking of outsourcing the Inspection & Testing to competent Professionals or Testing agencies -who have particular domain expertise for the specific time period.

These Competent Professional Agency are called Third-Party Inspection Agency, they are Independent Agency, do not have any relations with Supplier or Buyer, can perform the Inspection as per Supplier or Buyers requirements, within the stipulated Time Period and furnish the Inspection report to its Clients (Either Buyer or Supplier).

By assignment of Inspection / Testing work the Third-Party Inspection Agency can reduce the Fixed Infrastructure Cost, resource cost along with another associated costs. Same time they can get product inspection by a competent independent agency within the stipulated time period at the best competitive cost. Considering these facts now Third-Party Inspection Agency is most widely used by the Supplier or Buyers for the Inspection of their products and the same time reduces the cost of products and improves the reliability of Products.


What is Third-Party Inspection?

When the Inspection is performed by an Independent competent professional is known as the Third-Party Inspection. The Inspection Agency having accreditation of ISO 17020 from any reputed Accreditation Body, performed the Third-Party Inspection to its clients as per agreed Terms and conditions.  Generally, the supplier or Buyer chooses the Accredited Third-Party Inspection agency for the inspection of Their Products, because the competency of a Professional is verified from time to time by an accreditation Body, and the inspection agency maintains a high level of competency in Its Inspection Engineer to meet the compliances.  Also, the Third-Party Inspection performed by Third-Party Inspection Agency has more reliability – due to its Domain Expertise, Independence, and Impartial inspection services.


What is the Third-Party Inspection agency Process of Inspection?

When the Buyers or supplier approaches the Third-Party Inspection agency for Inspection Products. The Inspection Agency generally asked for the Followings inspections 

  • Products Descriptions – Name, Quantity, Product Number 
  • The location where the Inspection will be performed 
  • Products Specification, Engineering Drawing, QAP, Inspection Checklist, etc 
  • Detailed about Type of Inspection required to be performed on the Products 
  • Date and Duration of Inspection 
Third Party Inspection

Based on the above information The Third-Party Inspection Agency, do an Internal review to assess whether they can perform the Inspection or not as per the customer’s requirement.  If the Inspection agency found that they have enough competency to perform the Third-Party Inspection as per the above requirements. The Inspection Agency agrees with its clients, to send the formal contract along with the Cost of Third-Party Inspection.  Based on acceptance of the Cost of Third-Party Inspection and acceptance of Terms & Conditions of Contract, the Third-Party Inspection perform the Inspection. These are all about the Third-Party Inspection agency process of Inspection. 

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How to select the Third-Party Inspection Agency for Inspection of Product?

Selecting the inspection Agency is a very key important decision of Buyers or Suppliers for Third -Party inspection of their products. While selecting the Third-Party Inspection Agency the Buyer or supplier must consider the Followings (at least)

  • Inspection Agency having Accreditation 
  • Inspection Agency has sufficient Competent Inspector/ Engineers
  • The credibility of the Inspection Agency 
  • Cost of Third-Party Inspection services 
  • Third-Party Inspection Agency can perform the Inspection to the supplier locations as per the agreed date & duration 
  • Any extra Incidental Cost charged by Inspection agency, other than Cost of Inspection 

These are the basic points to be considered by any Buyer or Supplier – which selecting the Third-Party Inspection Agency for Inspection of Their products.


What are the advantages to Buyers of Choosing Third-Party Inspection?

There are several advantages to Buyers when they Choose the Third-Party Inspection Agency for inspection of their products at supplier end. But the Most prominent Advantages are 

  • Improve the Reliability of Product 
  • Cost saving (Reduce the Cost of Inspection Performed by Buyer)
  • Reduce the Chances of Products getting rejected upon receipt at the buyer’s end or by its Client 
  • Timely Inspection and Delivery of Products
  • Improve the reliability of the Inspection report (As it was performed by a competent, accredited, Independent Third-Party Inspection Agency)

These are the most prominent benefits of Choosing Third Party Inspection agency for the Inspection of their products.

Hope this Blog can be helpful for buyers or suppliers if they are Looking for a Third-Party Inspection agency for the Inspection of Products.

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