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Why We Should Take The Services Of Export Inspection Agency?

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Export Inspection Agency

Export Inspection Agency is an entity that is administered by the Export Inspection Council which was set up by the Government of India under Section-3 Export (Quality Control and Inspection) Act 1963.

The two things that a buyer is always worried about are the quality and quantity of the products they purchase from the suppliers. Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI) is a technique designed to solve this problem. PSI work is part of the supply chain and it is an effective measure for quality control checks- it checks the quality of goods customers buy from suppliers. When a buyer sets to buy goods they provide a checklist to the supplier that mentions the special requirements of the buyer and this checklist is checked by the Export Inspection Agency.

A privately owned leading Third Party Inspection Company- OSS Certifications Services is a Free Market Company. OSS has a team of extremely trained Product Inspectors; they are trained to use appropriate sampling processes to select the product lots for PSI and also ensure check proportion against the quality requirement checklist. Export Inspection Agency performs the crucial task investigation of the process from manufacturing to loading. The purpose of these services is to check the conformity of product packaging guidelines, maintenance of company goodwill, and many more which will discuss now:

Container Loading Inspection is one of the most essential steps taken that help to provide full assurance to the clients about product reliability and safer delivery.

Export Inspection Agency works on the following steps which are created to provide the client with optimum satisfaction:

1. Conformity to Product

As per the requirement of the customer, we prepare a checklist for the inspector who inspects the product before Packaging/ loading the container. The product will be inspected according to the customer’s requirement based on Drawing/ Specifications/ Sample provided. The Export Inspection Agency depending on the customer requirements or inspection instructions could be 100% or as per AQL. At each stage of inspection, the inspector takes photographs and video (as Agreed) and prepares a detailed report based on the inspection. The inspection findings or observations and the status of the product are recorded in the report. The inspector will check random cartons to verify the quantity and breakage of the product.

2. Packing Inspection

The inspector will inspect the product as per the inspection instruction, the condition of the cartons are also checked especially the ones that are fragile. The inspector will keep an eye on any bulged-out packing or improperly closed packing.

3. Quantity checks and Breakdown

The weight, size, and amount of the package will be checked according to the customer’s requirements. When the product is countable the inspector will calculate the quantity as per the requirement mentioned.

4. Shipment Condition

Not only the product but the shipment containers are also checked to ensure no dents or any sort of damage exist as it could lead to red flags.

5. Final Loading and Handling Process

After the packing and containing are completed the inspector carefully guides the loaders to load with a careful plan as the packages generally have and can be destroyed if not loaded properly.

6. Seal of Authentication

Compliance with all norms gets the company a seal before the product leaves the company premises, which ensures the customer that all regulations have been followed by the company.

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