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5 Benefits of ISO 45001 Certification for Small Businesses.

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ISO 45001 Certification

Nowadays it is a requirement of any organization’s responsibility to provide a safe workplace for its employee, including workers, contractors, visitors, and society.  Organizations ensure that there should be no ill health, accident & Incidents in the organization or it should be reduced as much as low possible to ensure Human Safety at the workplace.

If the organization plans for OHS safety in a systematic way considering the standard OHS works practice in the organization. Then it is possible to enhance the Occupational Health Safety (OHS) of the organization and ensure human safety in the workplace.

ISO 45001 – is an Occupational Health Safety Management System Standard – the requirement of ISO 45001 has been placed in such a way that – if the organization implements ISO 45001 in the organization effectively and adopts the ISO 45001 requirements into practice. the OHS performance of the organization will be enhanced and reduced the accident/ Incidents and ill- Health at work place.ISO 45001 Certification can be a great addition for small businesses to grow. In short words, ISO 45001 Certification are international standards that ensure the employees of an organization are protected from work-related hazards/ Accidents/ Incidents/Ill-Health

ISO 45001 Certification can be a great addition for small businesses to grow. In short words, ISO 45001 Certification is an international standard that ensures the employees of an organization are protected from work-related hazards.

So, what are the benefits of ISO 45001 Certification for small businesses?

With ISO 45001 Certification, your business will be able to improve the occupational health and safety system (OH&S) while reaping many benefits along the way.

1) Decreased work-related risks

Small businesses are not immune to risks and accidents. As such, ISO 45001 provides you with a systematic framework that allows you to identify and assess the hazards and also gives you a proper plan to deal with it.

Besides managing work-related risks, ISO 45001 also takes into account the needs and expectations of the employees.

2) Increased performance and productivity

By focusing on the needs of the employees, ISO 45001 encourages better performance which results in better productivity of the workers.

ISO 45001 also distinguishes between acceptable and unacceptable workplace-related behavior. This in turn strengthens the employees’ commitment to the organization as a whole and builds a strong social chain.

3) Reduced costs

Taking care of the health and safety of the workers by reducing work-related risks and creating a better work environment can contribute to reducing the costs that go into your organization. Through fewer sicknesses or accidents, you save yourself from expensive legal issues. Moreover, there is also less damage to property.

4) Positive Image

Once again, by attaining an ISO 45001 Certification, you showcase that your business is socially responsible, one which keeps their employees’ well-being in mind. It also further enhances your company’s credibility.

This in turn attracts and gives confidence to potential investors and clients to continue/ begin cooperation with your organization leading to your company growing in size and the possibility of entering the international market.

5) Continuously Improving

As said earlier, ISO 45001 helps you to identify risks. But to do this at all times results in initiating plans, working to continuously identify risks and opportunities, and generally striving to become better in all areas concerned with the objective of minimizing risks.

This naturally helps your company to flourish as the products and services not only get improved but the company as a whole improves its social relations and results.

Hope the above explanation will be beneficial for the organization to understand – why ISO 45001 Certification is important for an organization.

So, any organization seeking ISO 45001 Certification enhances the OHS performance of the organization by reducing workplace injury/accident / Incidents/ Ill- Health.

The organization can implement Occupational Health and Safety Management System in the organization and Get ISO 45001 certified by any accredited ISO Certification Bodies in India.

How to Implement ISO 45001 in the organization

  • Gap Analysis
  • Address the Gap identified (By Developing Documents / Changes in Infrastructure)
  • Develop the OHS Policy/ Procedures/ Documents / SOP
  • Provide Training
  • Address the OHS legal requirements
  • Do Internal Audit and Management Review meetings

ISO 45001 Certification Process

  • Implement ISO 45001 in the organization
  • Apply to ISO Certification Bodies
  • Get a Proposal for ISO 45001 Certification
  • ISO Certification Body will visit for Audit
  • Award of ISO 45001 Certification

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