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Why To Choose Proper Quality Objectives In ISO 9001 Quality Management System?

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Why To Choose Proper Quality Objectives In The ISO 9001 Quality Management System?

ISO 9001 Certification is a Quality Management System Certification, where this ISO 9001 standard is implemented in the organization for enhancement of productivity, customer satisfaction, further building the leadership in the competitive market, etc so on. Also, further to get ISO 9001 Certification from any reputed ISO Certification Body (OSS Certification).

The Quality Objectives In ISO 9001 is one of the requirements of QMS Standard, which is derived from the Quality Policy of the organization. When the Organization Management established the Quality Policy of the organization – which provides the directions of the organization, and where the management wanted to be in the future.

The Quality Policy is only the Statements of the top management of the organization, so to ensure that the Quality Policy /directions of Management are being implemented in the organization, the quality objective is derived from Quality Policy, so that on day-to-day business practices, the Quality Objective can be measure, monitored, recorded and time to time it will be analyzed to ensure that the Quality Policy i.e directions of management of the organization are understood by each and every person, implemented in the organization and are being followed.

So now we have understood Why to Choose Proper Quality Objectives in The ISO 9001 Quality Management System, because Choosing Proper Quality objectives gives the correct performance results to the organization, so that organization can further enhance productivity and plan for continual improvement of the organization for building the leader in a competitive market.

What are the best methods of Choosing proper Quality Objectives In ISO 9001 for the Organization?

Quality objectives are the key indicators of organizational performance, so choosing the proper Quality objectives is an advantage for the organization, Like ISO 9001 Implementation in the organization for ISO 9001 Certification, where the organization’s objective for ISO 9001 Implementation and certification is to further enhance the performance of the organization and enhancement of Customer Satisfaction.

Similarly, other ISO Management Standard ISO 22000- Food Safety Management System (FSMS) is implemented for those who have been involved in any Food Business for ISO 22000 Certification, in this case, the Food Safety objective of the organization demonstrates the Food Safety performance of the organization.

An important point while Choosing Quality Objective is that the Quality objective should be measurable, it should not be Like a statement. As per ISO 9001 Standard, the Quality objectives shall be

  • Consistent with Quality Policy
  • Measurable
  • Monitored
  • Customer Satisfaction Enhancement
  • Relevant to product and services of the organization
  • It is communicated within the organization, and also possible to interested party
  • From time to time updated – as when there are changes in products & services or new Quality objectives added etc.

Objectives In ISO 9001

While planning to achieve the Quality objective target, the organization shall consider the following at least

  • Established the system / Process / Procedure – How to monitor the Quality objective
  • Find if any resources are required for monitoring & measurement of Objective (if any)
  • Assign the responsibility to the person within the organization for implementation and Monitoring the Quality objective
  • When it will be Completed (Tentative Target in Number of Days/ Month/Year etc)
  • How the Results of the Quality objective will be evaluated / Analyses

The above are the key points that are to be considered by the organization during the planning of quality objective monitoring, to achieve the target set by the organization, while implementing ISO 9001 -Quality Management System in the organization for ISO 9001 Certification from an accredited ISO Certification Body (OSS Certification). As Explained above by taking any other ISO Standard for Management System – Like ISO 22000- Food Safety Management System, the Food Safety Objective planning can be done in a similar manner to demonstrate the Food Safety Performance of the organization to get ISO 22000 Certification.

 Example of Quality Objective explained below, for better understanding

We are taking two Examples one for ISO 9001 Standard for establishing the Quality Objective and ISO 22000 For Food Safety Quality Objective. So that organizations can understand in any Management System Standards, how to establish the proper Quality Objective.

Case -1 

Taking ISO 9001- Quality Management System (QMS) for establishing the proper Quality Objective

Consider that an organization is in the activities of Sheet Metal Auto Parts Manufacturing Company, OEM supplier to Car Manufacturing Company has implemented the ISO 9001 Standard in the organization for ISO 9001 Certification, the top management of the organization has established the Quality Policy, with commitments of Customer Satisfaction, Continual Improvements of Quality Management System and satisfying the customer & other Applicable requirements. Now with this Quality Policy, the followings Quality Objectives can be derived

  • Customer Satisfaction – 95%
  • Training to Employee – 10 hrs per Month per Employee
  • Internal Rejection – reduced by 10 % per month
  • Customer end rejection reduced by 10% per month
  • Customer Complain – Nil
  • Internal Audit NC (Non-Conformity) – Not more than 1 per Department
  • Production Target achievements – 95 % per month per production schedule
  • Supplier Performance – 100 %
  • Down Time of Machine – not more than – 1 hr in a week
  • New Customer Development – 2 Per Quarter

These are could be the possible Quality objective of the organization (this is not limited), all the above quality objectives are measurable and provide the correct organizational data, which can show that, overall, the organization’s performance. also, it is in line with the Quality Policy of the organization.

Case -2

We are taking an example of the Food Safety Management System ISO 22000 Standard, where we consider that an organization has implemented ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System (FSMS) for ISO 22000 Certification and planning to get Certified from an accredited ISO Certification (OSS Certification). Now Let’s see how the Food Safety Quality Objective is derived from the Food Safety Policy of the organization.

Consider that an organization involve in the Manufacturing of Biscuits, the top management of the organization has established the Food Safety Policy with the Following Commitments

  • Satisfy applicable food safety requirements & Maintain Statutory and regulatory Compliances
  • Address the Customer requirements related to food safety
  • Continual improvement of the FSMS
  • Ensure competencies of all employees related to food safety
  • Maintain the internal and external communication related to Food Safety

Now these are top management commitments made in the Food Safety Policy of the organization, Let’s see the possible Food Safety Quality Policy, which can be derived from Food Safety Policy

  • Compliances of Food Safety Regulations – 100 % every time
  • Food Hazard Analysis- 100 % per month
  • Monitoring of CCP and OPRP and analysis of Results – every day per product line
  • Internal Rejections – reduced by 10 % per month
  • Personal Hygiene Check of Employee – Per Day
  • Customer Satisfaction – 95%
  • Food Safety Training to Employee – 10 Hrs per month per Employee
  • Food Safety Employee Competency at least – 70 % evaluated monthly basis
  • Communication of Food Safety related issues / Regulation requirements (if any Changes) (Internal and External) – 100 % per day

These are the possible Food Safety Quality Objectives (But not Limited), and even it can add more objectives depending on the Management Expectations and customer requirements.

Now, we have come to the end of this blog related to How to Choose a proper Quality objective for the organization. Also, we have understood the Quality Objective provides the overall organization’s performance. So, while taking implementation any Management System Standard choose the proper Quality Objective, as it is an Indicator of the overall performance of the organization.

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